Blue Teal Vineyards is more than a business, it's a way of life that was founded by the Lescombes family that has been making and perfecting wines for six generations. In 1981 the first vineyard was planted, which originally consisted of 11 different varietals on 10 acres in the Pyramid Valley, just east of Lordsburg, New Mexico. The vineyard neighbored a large pond that welcomed migratory Blue-winged Teals during the winter. The Blue-winged Teals became the vineyards mascot and later namesake. With the migration patterns of the teals reflecting the Lescombes own migration to the United States the name Blue Teal Vineyards was created. The hot dry desert days, cool nights and sandy soil created the perfect micro climate for the vineyard. Blue Teal celebrated its first bottling in January of 1984. Over the years our winery and vineyards have expanded to bottle over 10 thousand cases a year. Offering a large selection of award-winning wines from New Mexico, Blue Teal features bold red wines and soft crisp white wines.